Tuesday, December 14, 2010

DIY corners at ARTE.

Future ARTE members!...Just to keep them busy while their parents shop.

Christmas at ARTE souq.


Will become big brands one day!.... Why not?


Personalised jewellery and much more....

Unique art!

 These are done by this lady, who has personally collected the desert gourds and rose crystals and transformed them into unique pieces of art!

Wonderful bags with an ethnic touch!


I spent last Friday afternoon browsing through the ARTE market, for a change. ARTE( Artisans of the Emirates)i s a diverse group of artists & crafters from various cultural backgrounds (as UAE has a good number of expat population) who hold art & craft markets around the Emirates. As you go around the market, one can notice the unique amalgamation of the entities. The local artists and crafters making good bussiness of their hobbies! Indeed a very good platform for all of them! I appreciate the people behind it.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wooden bocks

Found these here. For stamping projects or just decoration they do really well. Love them!

Pencil wonders!

While hopping around blogs, I came across these pencil sculptures.Amazing aren't they?...You can see some more over here.