Monday, January 31, 2011

Art By Aarohi

Kitsch Art by Aarohi the desi version of  Pakistani truck art and the colourful Mexican art or can we say pop art? Each piece is interesting. The artist has taken very simple, uninteresting things and subjects and made them very interesting! It's just not kitschy it's arty kitsch!Animal,birds,flowers, people,gods,etc anything and everything Indian has been used in her art. Friends, you must take a look at her site for her complete work.... "Art By Aarohi"

Could anyone think that these subjects can make such interesting art?

When Ganesh ji can change his vaahan, why can't we change our perspective in art definition.

Our good old trunk has more uses now.

This balti is no more going to be kept in the bathroom!

Even the chai wala's possessions have great value now! 

These chairs where otherwise so out... whatever! It's now so cool!

Coffee table and games table...not one but two games!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blogs for free images!

These are some blogs I have found which give away free images that can be used in various projects! Check them out and enjoy!

                                                                Create with TLC

So now you can create your own cards!

                                                                       Vintage Moth

All vintage images at Vintage Moth!

                                                                  Graphics Fairy   

Graphic Fairy is the best place for vintage images!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happily Unmarried.....around the house.

The desi version of Fred & Friends...I like the product and the price! They are so cool, you need to check them out! I do not need to say anything, you'll love the way they do! See them here.

I use's such a cool dairy!

Hindi Ghadi.

NRI Mug...I need one, of course on my table!

Yes this Dhobi Ghat is much least we can see ourselves here!

I don't need it here but yes a very good idea!

Measure you cheeni...

Coffee, Tea & Sugar...will definitely look good in the kitchen!

Oil Dispenser...Save fuel before it reaches your body.

Salt & Pepper weights.

I think it is the coolest way to give haldi, kumkum etc. in pujas!

Normally I would never have Space Ships around my home. This is an exception!

This reminds me of the times we used to say "mere tiffin mein cd....i.e. chappatti dal". LOL!!!

Will carry all your goods.

Should be placed on our door way!

Happily Unmarried!

                                                                               In The Bar