Thursday, January 13, 2011

Craft Room Inspirations

For all those craft junkies...get inspired and create a space of your own! Ya  ya I know, all of us do not have the luxury to have an entire  room for it but we can always clinch some ideas form hear and there and have a space where our creative minds can work!
 Have a look at the entire room

Check out Amanda's craft room here.

It's from here.

Wow so spacious!...It's a crafter's office!

A bright space!..Find it here.

A wonderful craft room! Check out details here.

This is a closet converted into craft space! See how here.

And yes the neatest craft room ever...have a sneak peek at Martha's Craft Attic! 

Lovely Shabby Chic craft room by Shabby Scraps

Check this out Keisha's Scrap Space. Sure she's one lucky girl! The island craft desk is a very good idea!

Another island desk.

You can find some more inspirations in here

U shaped craft desk is very convenient.This is from Liz's craft room. Check out the rest of the room here.

 My favorite one from Pottery Bran! Check out for more.

A creative space in red by Paula of It's all part of life's rich pageant

Image from Home Depot

See this colourfull room here.

Another brightly coloured craft room from here

Yet another island craft desk. Image from here.

Who can not get inspired in a space like this! Check out the room here.

Craft room by Pink Petticoat.

Another Shabby Chic Craft room. Check out Andrea's 'Play Room' as she calls it, here.

A simple but functional craft space at the dinning area......image found here.

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