Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ragmatazz...........The Rags to Riches story!

Who says retirement is end to productive time? There is a new beginning to every end.,so believes Minakshi Nagu a former editor of  'Telelife'. Who went on to pursue her hobby of  making patchwork purses etc. & some really exclusive jewelry. It is interesting to note how she brings together materials from all over Asia to create her wonderful pieces. Helped by her two lovely daughters she has definitely created a niche for her creations in the personalized fashion market....all handmade! They take part in several markets around Dubai esp..ARTE and some of their creations are available in a number of lifestyle boutiques in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & Dubai.
Check them out at their  website & facebook page. 

Bits of rags joined together to create colourful bags.

Oh! These belts are high fashion!

And ....... the lovely Afghan tribal pendents given a new look! These jewelry are real statements.

Love these coasters...again made of bits of colourful rags and embellished with some embroidery.
The packaging is also very interesting.... aluminium box.   


  1. One of my favourite artists for sure! Love her work and creativity. Lovely post Geetha. :-)

  2. lovely packaging for sure and very eco friendly the thgt put into it..hopefuly thats what i hope it is... aesthetics apart

  3. wow.. so beautiful!!!! love the coasters!!!!

  4. Lovely post... Love her work..especially the bags and jewelry.... so beautiful.... The color combination is awesome...

  5. Hey Geetha

    I have been trying to get hold of ur blog for sometime nw...I wasn't able to get connected. Your blog address wasn't coming up with ur name...some prob! Finally today I got thru &
    I am extremely happy since I reached here to Ragmatazz post.I love them!!! I've been in awe of Smt.Minakshi Nagu. Fabulous work! Do you know Rohini??? I took part in ARTE last month. Are you in Dubai? I am doubly excited!

    Happy to know you Geetha:)


  6. Thank you all for the lovely words. A big hug and special thanks to Geetha!!! Your post is so amazing <3 <3 <3