Tuesday, March 8, 2011

'Potli' ...Educational Art & Craft Kits

The 'Potli' activity kits by Kadam are awesome DIYs for the younger crafters. They have a range of traditional Indian tribal craft and art to choose from. It gives the children a good knowledge about the arts & crafts and they really enjoy doing it. A part of the earnings from the kits goes to benefit the village artists. Wish they had kits like these for us as well. Find more about them here.

Comes with instructions and a brief history about the art/craft.

My daughter...at it. Not perfect but its ok as she enjoyed it and wants to do more. She is eager to try the others. 


  1. Hi Geetha ,
    Thanks for this lovely post. ANd I am so thrilled to see your daughter's beautiful work ! Just to let you know, we have launched two more of these block printing kits - Morning in the flower garden and A day in the Farm . You can check them out at Dastakar's Nature Bazaar, new delhi. Or email us at pooja@potli.org

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