Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Connector Craft Shop....Closing down!!!

As known to many craft enthusiasts here in Dubai, the good old Connector Craft Shop very often addressed as 'Elves & Fairies' is closing down. After their 17 years in the business they have finally decided to call it a day!
I was having a chat with the owner, who now lives in Australia and found out that the shop was never named Elves & Fairies at all! It was the name of the previous owner's shop which retailed kid's apparel! When the craft shop took over they let the sticker of ' Elves & Fairies' be on the glass and so the name stayed on that even the craft shop's brown paper packets carry the name!
Anyways the important information is that they are closing by 26th of March and have 50 to 70% off on all their products!!! So all you craft people rush as the stocks are already getting over! 
Sad that they have to close down. :-(

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  1. Is the the one at Jumeirah Center?? I want to go and buy the shop... :-)