Wednesday, April 13, 2011

O'de Rose

OK.. today has been such an exciting day! A phone from my daughter's school clinic....ah my heart sinks every time this happens! Any way, nothing serious. A trip to this wonderful store, O'de Rose and an afternoon spent well at Cafe Ceramique raised my spirits. Also overwhelmed by the post by Harshi in Colours Dekor about my home! Check it out here.
Now about this store O'de Rose owned by three Lebanese cousins. It predominantly stocks creation of artists and designers from the Arab world. Though browsing through the store, I did find some wonderful stuff from India and elsewhere. Check them out here.

The entrance of the villa/store.

    Suzani furniture, jewelery from Turkey, Lebanon, India etc., wonderful brass trays in silver and gold finish!

 Stood awed !!!....with the display!!!

What can I say? They are sooooo gorgeous!!!

The Indian kitsch!!!

The backyard where they have a pantry and a workshop & lots of stuff for the exteriors.
.  Click on the pics to view them larger....  


  1. Very interesting store and you have a lovely home!

  2. oh what a gorgeous store!! I can see a cart.. are they reasonable?? Is this the one of jumeirah road??

  3. What a lovely treasure box you've pulled out Geetha! Thanks much :-) Cant wait to get there!

  4. wow...I now want to visit Dubai, spend time with you gals and yes check out all these super stores....