Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Thousand words...

This is my contribution for Colours Dekor's new series ' A Thousand words'.

 My love for fridge magnets! Specially these ones with some great messages.....pun intended! :-D

The giraffe bookmark made by my daughter. Love collecting bookmarks as well.

 Cards exchanged between my husband & me from the time of our engagement .....; Some Tinkles & Archies from my childhood; From my grandfather's, account registers, stamp papers, horoscope on palm leaves and even one of his passports!

 Finally this is were all the design magazines used for reference goes.

Note: To enlarge click on the images.


  1. OH so lovely.. I love your fridge magnets.. I love collecting them too... but I don't have too many with messages..

    Your bookshelves look gorgeous as well.. Thank you for linking in.. :-)

  2. awesome Geetha, loved your book collection and those fridge magnets..I enjoy every pun-intended ones as well, there's one I recently came across which said 'whatever women do they must do it twice as much to be considered half as good, luckily this is not difficult'..haha and this one hangs on my tag board in the office ;)

  3. Love the message magnets Geeta...and your book collection....keep the collection on..,:-)

  4. Geetha...loved reading through the funny messages on your fridge magnets.
    They are all so cute. And the giraffe bookmark is an awesome work by your daughter.

  5. Loved ur book collection...even I am in the habit of doing so...Loved the bookmarks esp ur daughter's; u can chkout my bookmarks here
    The fridgmagnets are awesome!!!
    Good Day, Geetha:))