Sunday, May 8, 2011

Treasure troves at the Blue Souq.

The Blue Souq(market/bazaar in Arabic) in Sharjah is not the traditional souqs you see in this part of the world. It is more of a shopping center mostly catering to the middle class Arab, African...Asian crowd. The building by itself is an architectural splendor. It's a good example of Islamic Architecture with beautifully designed blue tiles decorating its exteriors and so the name. I think I need to do a separate post on it in my other blog. :-)
In the souq one can find anything from clothes to electronics, gold to cosmetics...and so on. My visit was mainly for what all tourist visit the place, the antique, silver and handicrafts shops located in the first floor. Could not cover much because of lack of time but the 2-3 shops that I visited were enough to take me back again! My.... they were treasure troves in true sense! All the stuff from western & central Asia, middle east and the Indian subcontinent. The antiques were amazing! Have a look at them....

A,D- antique sculptures unearthed; C- an antique kettle; B- this looked like the tea bag box that Rajee had posted in the tea party which she 

A&B head gears at war and at peace;C&E suzanis;D Afghani jewelry.

Silver wonders from all over!

Antique kitchen 

A&B swords as old as the Mughal era!; C&D daggers with carved ivory handles! 

A&B antique medallions; C antique Rolex and pocket watches. 

Coins from every era! Note the special silver coin with Saddam Hussain's head in pic A

A- the lovely lapis lazuli vases as tall as my daughter! B- antique gold jewelry.


  1. Amazing collections!!! Each one will have its own history to say...

  2. What a store! Loved the pieces especially the kettles and the kitchen treasures.. Beautiful post Geetha!

  3. Lovely pictures .... I am surprised that they let you take pictures ... Excellent collection ...

  4. an amazing store...thanks for sharing